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Matt & Steph ~*~ The Details

February 13th, 2014 Posted by Brisbane, Country No Comment yet

Details!!  I love the details couples put into weddings to make them so personal, special and beautiful.  I love hearing my clients talking about their wedding plans and I love seeing it all come together.

Matt and Steph’s wedding has been no exception!

All of my planning with Matt and Steph was via emails and the internet, as they were in the UK until just before the wedding.  As the details unfolded, I became more excited about meeting them and photographing their day.

Firstly, all the wedding invitations were screen-printed onto tea towels with a cartoon image of Matt and Steph as the logo that ran through the entire wedding.


Matt, ready and waiting for his bride.  Meanwhile, back at the other homestead….


Matt and Steph Tea Towel Thanks

Matt’s family has a love of all things Holden (which I LOVE – I’m not sure I could have shot an Ford-themed wedding…  it’d be like using a Nikon).  The bridal car was Matt’s Dad’s late-1940’s/early-1950’s FX Holden (Holden 48-214).  The stage for the reception speeches was “The General”, a more appropriate name than the “Old Bomb” (which it also goes by) – a 1966 HR Holden Ute.  Incidentally, I believe the reception marquee was erected around The General due to his current condition.

Remember how I said that the invitations were on tea towels?  All the invited guests bought a local tea towel showing where they come from and sent them to Matt and Steph to keep.  Cute, huh?

(Not my photo – Matt sent this one to me.  It’s cool!)

x S

Thank you to Dan McColl Photographer for shooting Matt & Steph’s wedding with me and helping me out in general!

Matt & Steph ~*~ The Reception

February 13th, 2014 Posted by Brisbane, Country No Comment yet

You’ve met Matt & Steph in our previous blog post.  Home from the UK to become husband and wife.

One thing I really loved about this couple and their wedding was that their favourite, most treasured friends chosen to be the bridal party were Matt and Steph’s parents.  You may have noticed from the first introduction to Matt & Steph’s wedding.

After the ceremony, Matt and Steph took us around the family house and property for a few private photographs.  I love the tree-swing in the hills surrounding the house.


The wedding reception to welcome them as a married couple was fabulous!  Imagine an enormous marquee filled with lines of immaculate, country-styled tables at one end.  The other end had a funky band playing on one side and the family’s Holden Ute set up as a stage for speeches on the other side.  The middle – a huge, grass dance floor.

Matt and Steph entered, to cheers and whoops, on a quad bike – Steph sitting side-saddle, of course.


During the evening, we all walked down, through the property, to a flat area near the house and were treated with a fireworks show to celebrate.


Congratulations, Matt and Steph!!  Your day was magical and we wish you all the best for the future.
(Stay tuned for more detail photos of their day and venue.)
x S.

Donna & Shaun ~*~ South East Qld Country Wedding Photographer

May 5th, 2011 Posted by Brisbane, Country No Comment yet

Last weekend I assisted Mel Mielekamp of Meloo Photography to photograph her “wedding that is not a wedding, that is a wedding”.  You see, Mel does not typically photograph weddings.  Donna & Shaun are not your typical wedding-type couple, either.

We met up with Donna, Shaun and their gorgeous Finn at the family home and it was immediately evident that this was going to be something special.  The details were superb and the atmosphere was magical.

Our ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ came out to various locations with Finn prior to the wedding for a portrait-type photography session.  It was so relaxed and beautiful.   Here are a handful of my favourite images.

Thank you again for a perfect day!

Megan & Gary ~*~ Brisbane Wedding Photographer

May 5th, 2011 Posted by Brisbane No Comment yet

I photographed Megan and Gary’s wedding the Saturday after the big Brisbane floods.  We didn’t know 100% what to expect, but the day was beautiful.

We began at their home, with all the girls getting ready.  When I say “all the girls”, I mean it…  Megan had six bridesmaids!  The ceremony was at St Andrews at South Brisbane – a beautiful, historic church near South Bank.

Most of the places we had hoped to take photographs post-ceremony were closed due to flood- and water-damage.  The reception was at the Ship Inn at South Bank, which was also under water during the floods.  Power had not been restored and the entire bottom floor was closed.  We entered by a little set of stairs to the second floor at the back.  The venue was fantastic ensuring Megan and Gary’s day went ahead without a hitch.  A generator kept the drinks cold and powered a cascade of fairy lights.  Candles and tealights brought a romantic atmosphere to the evening.

Congratulations again, Megan & Gary!!

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Sara Pearcy is an Accredited Professional Photographer of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Vonn & Dan ~*~ Bayside Wedding Photographer

May 5th, 2011 Posted by Bayside No Comment yet

Vonn and Dan were married just beside the Old Cleveland Lighthouse, Bayside (Cleveland) and celebrated with family and friends at the Lighthouse Restaurant.  The day was beautiful and very bright and sunny – a lovely way to begin a life together.

Congratulations Vonn and Dan!!